The Winfield Killer Series

The Winfield Killer series is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. The links for Amazon are listed below.

The Bartender’s Killer -

After her father’s murder, Shan Thornberry returns to Winfield to find his killer. She lands a job at Logan’s Landing, then learns her new boss is a Winfield. And she hates the Winfield family. Logan Winfield, architect, can't admit his love for Shan until he nearly loses her to her father’s killer.

Her Sister’s Killer

Chase Winfield, a former drug addict, falls in love with Georgia Lawrence, former Miss Alabama. She has custody of her niece, Annie, whose mother was murdered. But the child’s father decides he wants custody, so he can use her in his presidential campaign. He’ll do anything to get his way. Including murder.

The Con Man Killer

Chandler Winfield, Chase’s twin brother, helps Diana Duckworth renovate a building and open The Duck Pond, a bookstore and gift shop. The resident ghost, the bartender who was murdered in the building years ago, helps them save Chandler from the woman who tried to kill Diana’s grandmother.

Bob Ballard, Winfield’s police chief, and exotic dancer Brenda Lou Benson, work with the FBI to set a trap to catch a killer. Brenda’s former boyfriend targets women with an inheritance, steals their money, then kills them. Bob is determined to keep Brenda safe, even if it means risking the job he loves.


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