The Donatelli Series

The Donatelli Family Series - Romance with Suspense

Maxine -
Blind Love -
The Inheritance -
The Inn at Dead Man’s Point -

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NICK'S JOURNEY - Introducing the Donatelli Series

An abused and neglected boy of twelve, Nick Donatelli runs away from New York City and his alcoholic mother. He makes his way across the country to L.A. and finds a loving home with his aunt and cousins. But their neighborhood streets are controlled by a gang, and Aunt Sophia won't have those monsters picking on her kids.

A bonus short story, The Frogtown Flasher, is included.

MAXINE - Book 1

Newlywed Cara Andrews overhears her husband talking to his “honey” about locking Cara in an institution so he can steal her inheritance. Frightened of the man she thought she loved, Cara sneaks away from their home in Seattle and rents a run-down cabin in Gig Harbor. She intends to hide out there until she can end her marriage.

When the cabin collapses in an earthquake, a neighbor, Nick Donatelli, risks his life to rescue Cara. The roads are damaged, power and phones are out. They’re trapped in Nick’s cabin on the shores of Puget Sound until the paramedics come by boat to take her to the hospital. She’s afraid to go alone, afraid someone will recognize her and her husband will find her, so she claims she’s Nick’s wife, Maxine Donatelli.

Nick is warm and friendly, and she enjoys his company. But Cara is a one of the wealthiest women in the world, and Nick is a man who works with his hands. When he learns who she is, he’s uncomfortable with her wealth. She knows she has to leave before her husband tracks her down, before he hurts Nick. She’s falling in love, but her husband is a ruthless man who’ll do anything to get his hands on her estate. Including murder.


Catherine Timmons comes up with a new television reality show with a twist, but before she can develop the show, she's called home to take care of her father, who was injured in a fall. Her father’s latest bimbo is beautiful, but she won’t leave. Catherine has to call the security company to help her evict the woman from the house.

Tony Donatelli helps her remodel the house to accommodate her father's wheelchair, and Catherine knows she's found the perfect bachelor for the show. He’s handsome and charming, with a killer smile and buff body. She's committed to doing the show, but after getting to know Tony, she's reluctant to share her dream guy with a bunch of love-starved women.

Tony has spent most of his adult life chasing women, but after a frightening experience with a crazy woman, he's reluctant to get involved again. He can't help himself with Catherine. He's falling in love, but she wants to give him to another woman on a stupid television show. Although Tony is having second thoughts, he agrees to do the show.

The first night of filming, Tony is stunned to learn the concept of the show, but it’s too late to back out now.


Blade inherits his grandfather's estate, but it won't all be his until he marries. He's been alone since he was fifteen and has never had a long-term relationship. What woman would want to marry a man whose best friend is his Harley? He promised his grandfather he'd help maintain the integrity of the family shipping business, but he can't get his hands on the company stock until he finds himself a wife. Another company wants to take over and gut the company, but without the stock, there's nothing Blade can do.

After a bitter divorce, Maria Donatelli, mother of four, gets roped into working with Blade on a house plan. From the beginning, sparks fly between them, and even though she tries to keep her distance, she can't stay away from him. She doesn't tell him she can hear his thoughts, a gift she inherited from her mother. 

Blade convinces her to marry him to help him claim his entire inheritance, but he can't tell her what she longs to hear – that he loves her and wants a real marriage. Without those words, Maria won’t even consider another marriage.

Alessandro Donatelli, the youngest of the Donatelli brood, has a promising career as an architect, but he needs a quiet place to work. He buys the run-down inn at Dead Man's Point from a ninety-year-old woman. She gives him a good price, but part of the deal is that he has to let her live out her life in the inn, the only home she’s ever known. He wants the inn, so he accepts the deal. How many more years could a woman that age live?

When the old woman breaks her arm, her great-niece comes to help take care of her. Jenna's parents supposedly bought into the inn before they died, but there's no record of their investment, and she's angry that she's lost the inn she expected to own someday.

Jenna and Al knew each other in high school, when he was a shy nerd and she was the class slut. One kiss is all it takes to forget the past and fuel their passion, but life at the inn isn’t that simple. And the old woman has other plans for her inn.

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