Single Title Books

I've published several single title books in the past few months. The Amazon links are below:

Nightmare in the Woods –

Queenie’s Café –


Upset over losing the house to the Church Finance Committee, Josie Warren can’t figure out why her grandmother feels so guilty she gives everything of value to the church. Determined to find the source of Gran’s overwhelming guilt, Josie and her new friend, handsome Reed Calloway, search for answers.

Reed inherits his stepfather’s business, but his stepfather’s attorney is determined to steal it from Reed. How far will he go to get his hands on the business? Reed thought the little jerk was just an irritating nuisance, until the attorney goes after Josie.

Reed and Josie are stunned when they find the source of Gran’s guilt. Many years ago, Gran did something unthinkable. When Josie and Reed find themselves in the same position Gran was in back then, Josie is torn. Can she do what must be done to save a little girl’s life without repeating Gran's mistakes?

In searching for a friend's remote cabin in the Oregon woods, Tess Dunlap gets hopelessly lost. She stops at another cabin to ask for directions and steps into a living nightmare. The crazy man who lives there believes God sent Tess to him to be his wife, and he won't let her leave. He forces her to watch violent movies with him and then emulates what he sees on the screen.

When the battered and bruised woman escapes and finds her way to John Paul Thornton’s cabin, he risks his life to get her to safety. He's compassionate and funny and quickly becomes a good friend, the one person Tess feels she can rely on. Until she discovers what he does for a living.

John has some serious issues of his own to confront, but there's a more urgent problem to deal with first. The crazy man hasn't given up. He's coming after Tess.

When Queenie dies, Laura inherits the family businesses in a small Florida town. The café is a filthy mess, the town banker tries to force her to sell, and a well-known businessman attacks her, but Laura's biggest struggle is with the words Queenie left in her head. Queenie called her lazy. Laura is determined to make the café successful, something Queenie was never able to do.
Laura falls in love with Luke, but she nearly throws it all away because of her obsession with the café.  

An ornery ghost, a teenage daughter, a fun-loving friend, and the sexiest landlord a woman could ever hope to find fill Amanda’s life in Houston. She tries to keep her distance from Wade, but her playful landlord fills her dreams. She’s livid when she discovers the ghost has been manipulating her and Wade. Are her feelings for him real, or has the ghost made her love him?

When Wade discovers Amanda’s ex gave her so little in the divorce, he hires an investigator to find out why. Amanda’s shameful secret slowly comes to light. Even she’s surprised at what the investigator finds and what the ghost does to her ex.

Sarah's marriage to Alan had been a nightmare from the beginning, but when she tried to leave her husband a few months after their wedding, he and his friend made sure she'd never try it again. If she tells anyone what happened, she could end up in prison.

Twenty-three years later, when a stroke leaves Alan unable to speak, Sarah dares to dream of freedom. If he can't speak, he can't tell. But he finds a way, and Sarah's carefully guarded secret begins to unravel.


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