Martinson Ranch Series

The Mitchell Money - Martinson Ranch Series - Book 1

Before his death, Rachel’s husband hid their money, and the only man in Maystown who can help her find it is the surly ex-cop who drives an ancient pickup and talks on his cell phone instead of paying attention to his driving. The man who ran into her and then blamed her for the accident. She doesn’t want to accept Gary’s offer to trade his investigating skills for her cooking, but if she doesn’t find the money soon, she could lose her new house.

Gary is reluctant to get involved with the rude woman who backed into his truck, but she needs his help, and he needs a cook at the ranch. He suspects Rachel’s husband hid more than his money. Can she handle the truth about the man she’d been married to for so many years?

Ginger's Grief - Martinson Ranch Series - Book 2

Escaping from a stalker in San Francisco, Ginger Greene flees to Maystown, Arizona, to the ranch owned by her high school boyfriend. Joe Martinson hasn’t seen her in years and doesn’t especially want her there now, but after hearing about her stalker, he can’t turn her away.

Over the next few weeks, they rekindle their romance, then learn the man who’s been stalking Ginger is also a killer, a man the FBI put in the witness protection program years ago, and he’s on his way to the ranch. Ginger feels awful about getting Joe involved. She doesn’t want to leave him, but if her stalker finds them together, he could kill them both.

Maggie's Man - Martinson Ranch Series - Book 3

Maggie breaks off her engagement in Boston when she learns her fiancé sent her little sister to Maystown, Arizona without her permission. Her parents were murdered years ago, and Maggie has custody. She finds her sister safe on the Martinson Ranch, where she meets Johnny, the Martinson who runs the cattle ranch.

Her sister’s memories reveal a piece of crucial evidence the police missed when their parents were killed, and she knows she’ll have to return to Ohio to figure out who killed them.

Johnny loves Maggie and can’t let her investigate by herself. They leave her sister with his parents and go to Ohio together. She loves Johnny, but he’s so much man, it scares her. What if she makes another mistake?