The Gregory Series

 ON THE RUN – the macho brother

Former DEA agent Adam Gregory tried to get Neen Summers out of the drug lord’s house before the raid three years ago, but he was stabbed in the back by one of his own people. Neen has been on the run since the raid, staying one step ahead of the drug lord’s hired killers. Greg is desperate to find the dirty agent who stabbed him and protect Neen from the killers. He finally finds her in the cemetery, visiting her mother’s grave, but the killers have spotted her, too.

Greg takes Neen on a wild ride across the country, protecting her from the killers, but not from his love. Neen tries to keep her distance, but the macho cop is hard to resist, and he's determined to make her love him again.

ON THE LAM – the wounded brother

With his shattered elbow, a reminder of the war in Iraq, Bo Gregory has enough on his hands without getting involved in someone else’s problems. He doesn’t need a battered wife and her kid living over the bar, especially when he and his brother are trying to renovate the building.

Callie Caldwell left her abusive husband, the big, bad sheriff of Caledonia County, Texas, and filed for divorce, but the sheriff has stolen her ranch and tricked a judge into giving him custody of her son. Broke and scared, she desperately needs Bo's help. Bo wants to know why the sheriff wants Callie's ranch so much he'd force her to stay in a loveless marriage. Unable to fight his growing love for Callie and her little boy, Bo searches for answers.

ON THE HUNT – the rejected sister

Mia Gregory walks away from her job as a police officer in Tacoma and unknowingly steps into more danger in Clover Hills. She knows FBI Special Agent Dave Montgomery, her brother's best friend, wouldn't be in disguise in the little mountain town without good reason.

Three girls are missing, and the local police refuse to get involved. One girl turns up dead and one is found alive, and the search for the third girl intensifies. But someone not only wants the FBI out of Clover Hills, they want Mia dead.

Years ago, Mia had a huge crush on Dave and he still has the power to stir her senses. It would be so easy to fall in love with him, but she can't allow it to happen. With a killer on the loose and lives in jeopardy, it would be foolish to go beyond friendship.

ON THE EDGE – the troubled brother

Chance Gregory is still mourning the loss of his ex-wife, the mother of his children, when her killer kills again and leaves an explicit message written in blood in Chance’s law office. The killer also left a knife in Baylee Patterson’s pillow. She’s a local newspaper reporter who wrote some not-so-nice things about the killer. Chance had a one-night affair with Baylee after his divorce became final, and he’s determined to protect her as he wasn’t able to protect his ex-wife.

When the detective in charge of the murder cases advises them to leave town, they go together, hoping the police find the killer before he finds them. The more time Baylee spends with Chance, the more she wants the one thing she knows she can’t have. Chance Gregory.