Kane Family Ghosts

The Ghost series books are available for the Kindle and Nook. These books have some light paranormal elements and a little suspense, but are essentially contemporary romances.

The Kane Family Ghosts series on Amazon:
The Ghosts in the Basement - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007BTVT62
The Ghost at the Farm - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007HQH7OC
The Ghosts in the Attic - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007LPKK16
The Ghosts in the Audience - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007PY62Q0

The Ghost in the Basement
When Hannah Taylor inherits her grandfather’s home, the attorney tells her there are strings attached. She must share the house with Police Detective Donovan Kane and his family for a year, and if she doesn’t stay, Donovan gets the house. He’s sure Hannah won’t stay the full year and he’ll end up with the house, but she’s not about to give him her home.

In a letter to Donovan, Grandpa said to “find the diaries, open the house, and send the wandering spirits on their way,” but nobody expects the old diaries to lead them to a secret staircase, a body buried in the basement, friendly ghosts, and a love that will last a lifetime.

The Ghosts Upstairs

Billy Kane, a teacher in a private academy, inherits his grandfather’s mansion in River Valley, but he doesn’t expect to find three ghosts there. His mother and grandmother made his childhood a living hell, and he wants their ghosts gone, but his grandmother’s ghost won’t let his mother’s ghost leave.

His grandmother’s heir, Kayla Blanton, is crazy about Billy, but she knows she can’t have him. He’s a teacher in a school that has a morals clause, and her last job was in a topless club. Billy wants a wife who can give him children, and she can’t. But love finds a way.

The Ghost at the Farm

A gypsy fortune teller convinces architect Andy Kane his dreams are of a past life, that of the man who was murdered and buried in his family’s basement in 1918. He must resolve the issues of the past life or his life will end the same way, but how can he do that from this life?

After he rescues Julianne Tandry from an abusive man in a bar, Andy’s mind isn’t just on his dreams, but he can’t move forward with a relationship until he figures out what issues need to be resolved. Julie, a real estate agent, helps Andy find a farm to buy, where things get really strange. But she loves Andy, and despite his past life visions, she’s not willing to give him up.

The Ghosts in the Attic

Someone tracks down Charlie Kane and tells him his daughter is in the hospital, a kid he didn’t know he had. He’s been with a lot of women, so who is the child’s mother, and why didn’t she tell him about the adorable little girl with the big bump on her head and his gray eyes?

Alexandra Porcini’s father hates Charlie’s father, the former police detective who put him in jail many years ago, but Alex has always loved Charlie. When she sees him with their little girl, she knows she has to explain and hopes he can forgive her for choosing her family over him seven years ago. She wants to build a future with Charlie and their spirited psychic daughter.

The Ghosts in the Audience

Police Detective Ginny Kane asks psychic entertainer Steffen Marchand, on tour in River Valley, to help her find a missing friend. She’s excited by him, yet frustrated with the way he can plant thoughts in her mind. She doesn’t need a man in her life anyway.

When someone shoots Steffen in the shoulder, Ginny can’t leave him alone to fend for himself, and he can’t drive home to Chicago until he heals and she finds the shooter. She takes him home with her to recuperate. After the shooting, his psychic abilities are gone, and he can’t pull up a vision of the shooter’s face. Psychic or not, Steffen finds himself falling hard for Ginny. She doesn’t want to love him; she knows he’s not the kind of man who stays.