Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at the new series I’m writing. The main characters are the five MacKendrick brothers, from Seattle. Mac is the oldest, a son his father didn’t know he had until he was a grown man. Finn, Paden, and Calum are very close in age, and Jamie, the son of his father’s last wife, is the youngest. No covers yet.
 His Enemy’s Wife is Mac’s book. Mac is a building contractor who flips houses, does renovations and remodels, and builds new homes. Doug Conrad pulls a bait and switch on Mac in a land deal. When faced with the possibility of prison, Doug signs over his home, then kills himself. Mac goes to Gig Harbor to take possession and finds Doug’s wife still living there. Sparks fly, because Jillian knows nothing of Doug’s deception. But Mac’s brothers don’t believe her.
His Ex-Wife’s Sister is Finn’s book. Finn is a former police detective who owns a private investigations business in Tacoma. When his ex-wife’s battered body is found in the alley behind his business, he knows the killer is trying to frame him. He learns his ex-wife had a five-year-old daughter, which means she was pregnant before the divorce. He goes to Seattle to speak with his ex-wife’s sister and look at the child. He finds Emily badly beaten and his little girl hiding behind the bed. He’s determined to protect both of them while he and his people try to find the real killer. Emily has always loved her sister’s husband, but after his disastrous marriage, Finn is determined never to marry again.
His Brother’s Almost Wife is Paden’s book. Paden works for Mac, but his mother is determined to push him into an acting career. Paden buys a farm and begins renovating the old house when Calum’s former girlfriend comes by. Colleen asks him to fix the broken doorframe on her home before someone breaks in again. She suspects the man who’s breaking in is the man who drugged and raped her. Paden invites her to stay with him in the barn until he can get the house fixed. He wants her to stay forever, but he’s afraid Calum will want her back.
I’ve just started Calum's book, His Neighbor’s Wife. Calum works for Mac. After his neighbor is shot at a poker game, his neighbor's attorney asks him to fly to Dallas and bring the dead man's ex-wife back for the reading of the will. Calum does as the attorney asked, but after leaving her abusive husband, Grace doesn’t trust any man. Including Calum.
The youngest brother, Jamie, once competed in body-building contests, but got discouraged when he couldn’t win a contest. So he bought a gym. No title on this one yet. No name of the woman he'll eventually love. Any suggestions?